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World famous scientists Orbeli brothers made great contributions to the development of 
science in various fields. Ruben Orbeli was born in 1880, was an archaeologist, professor. He was considered the founder of underwater archeology in the USSR.

Levon Orbeli
was born in Tsakhkadzor (formerly Darachichak). He was a physiologist, one of the founders of evolutionary physiology.

Joseph Orbeli was born in 1887 on March 20 in Kutaisi. He was a renowned orientalist, archaeologist and public figure. 

July 6, 1982 the 100th anniversary of the birth of academician Л. Orbeli  in Tsaghkadzor was opened Orbeli brothers' museum. The museum consists of one floor where we can find personal items brothers, records, manuscripts, books, publications in different languages. 
House-Museum of Orbeli brothers is aimed to preserve and bequeath to future generations of spiritual values and evidence associated with their name.