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“Tsaghkahovit” won the special prize, thanks to high guest rating

“Tsaghkahovit” won the special prize, thanks to high guest rating
The Hotel of "Tsaghakahovit" it was awarded a special prize and the thankful message from the authoritative site BOOKING.COM. Analyzing the estimates of guests given to hotels in a cut of the 2014th year, by the published results of the site providing services of online reservation of hotels and rest houses, the hotel of Tsakhkaovit in the nomination of the best responses received an assessment 8.3 (at 10 points). In the letter of thanks of the director of the site it is noted:
Dear Partner,
Accept our congratulations! We are glad to hand you award for excellent responses of guests in 2014. We with pride present this award on behalf of all team and our general guests as a sign of our appreciation for providing the best placement.
You are one of our most valuable partners and this award – recognition of that your object of placement meets expectations of guests and surpasses them. That you received an assessment of guests "8" or is higher on the basis of at least 10 responses of guests by 23:59 o'clock on the Central European time on December 31, 2014, demonstrated commitment to the guests and a consistently high level of service.
Essence of our mission – to offer guests the best options of accommodation in the world. We thank you that you play an important role in performance of this mission and you promote our success. In the future, we have to make sure that our guests are shared more good memories.
Again we want to emphasize that we are very glad to hand you this award and we hope that you with pride will show it in your object of placement.
Best regards,
Darren Houston
Gillian Tans
Executive operating officer

Special prize for high-quality service

2018-05-03 Special prize for high-quality service

The Georgian travel agency Wonderland awarded the hotel complex Tsaghkahovit with a special prize for high-quality service and long-term cooperation.
Receiving such a prize is a pleasure, but at the same time binding, as it is a unique assessment of the work done and a prepayment for future actions.

Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia choses Tsaghkahovit for the 4th year

2017-10-24 Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia choses Tsaghkahovit for the 4th year

On October 19-20, another event was held at the Conference Hall of the hotel Tsaghkahovit. This time, the participants were the members of the Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia (CTUA). The seminar was organized by the CTUA Educational Research Center, the subject of which was "Optimization issues, peculiarities and their social impacts".


2015-04-29 “Tsaghkahovit

In April 25-26 at the hotel "Tsaghkahovit" Helsinki Committee of Armenia held a course on "Rights and discrimination" organized for journalists and representatives of national minorities.

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